Friday, January 8, 2010

Guerilla Strategy- 18

                                                       (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2010

A plan is the way to accomplish a goal, or to put together tactics to accomplish a goal, and at the same time, having the plan come together, is great.

To make goals, keep these things in mind:

1. Be Specific

2. Have a Experience limit- how much are you willing to invest in this goal.

3. Narrow your goals down.

4. Put goals in your goal list, only if you truly want to do them, if not put them in a list to look at later, when you have done the ones you truly want to do

5. By finding these goals, you are making a commitment to carry out what is necessary to accomplish them.

6. Goal-making is only valuable if its achievable, and flexible.

7. Flexibility means the goal is interactive, and can transform as it is being worked on.

8. Flexibility is also, leaving space and room in the goal, to refine it as you are working on it

9. Goals can be singular, where only you work on it, or shared, where others want to help realize the goal.

10. Goals being come up with in a shared environment, then goals must be chosen by consensus only, all must commit to the goal.