Friday, April 23, 2010

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I've decided to end this book here; it holds many strategies for you to look out and try out; it is a commentary on those who vilify gays, bisexuals, and transgended people.

May the Force be with You!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Guerrilla Strategy- # 19

                                                                       (c) Zoua- Terry Floyd Johnson, 2010

Planning is everything, right; wrong, there are times, when you don't have the experience to plan, but have to deal with actions, right here and now, by drawing on your intution, your knowledge, your mental alcarity, your trained proweress, your ability to trust your feelings, and act without thinking.

Acting without thinking creates- truth; you're doing what's best for you, and for anyone, who sees and acts upon the action they see, by trusting their feelings. 

This is doing the only action you can- to be true to yourself. The action you do by trusting your feelings, trusting yourself, creates both here and now Truth, but, also, creates Microcosmic Force Energy Wholes, which network with the other Microcosmic Force Energy Wholes, making up the physical/non-physical/hereandnow potential of creative truth, for the Universe, etc., as independent wholes, existing on multi-wholes levels of experience and potential.

Does this mean- you or me, must always act alone, in any situation, yes, in one sense, and no in another: 1. we are responsible for any action we take, by trusting our feelings, 2. we can work with others, as enviro-actions, which we can see and take into account, as external actions of truth or not truth; it's up to us to know which is which, and to trust our feelings, about our here and now choice-action, which is following the original, but creating an original action- from seeing the original action, and having my feelings, answer what's best for me, being: the only act I can do- to be true to myself. 

These enviro-actions are called networking, with others, but being entirely, responsible, for every action, ourselves.

We now see what's behind the name of this blog- bis and gays rule; we mean we have self-rule, because we're totally responsible, for whatever action we choose to take.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Guerilla Strategy- 18

                                                       (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2010

A plan is the way to accomplish a goal, or to put together tactics to accomplish a goal, and at the same time, having the plan come together, is great.

To make goals, keep these things in mind:

1. Be Specific

2. Have a Experience limit- how much are you willing to invest in this goal.

3. Narrow your goals down.

4. Put goals in your goal list, only if you truly want to do them, if not put them in a list to look at later, when you have done the ones you truly want to do

5. By finding these goals, you are making a commitment to carry out what is necessary to accomplish them.

6. Goal-making is only valuable if its achievable, and flexible.

7. Flexibility means the goal is interactive, and can transform as it is being worked on.

8. Flexibility is also, leaving space and room in the goal, to refine it as you are working on it

9. Goals can be singular, where only you work on it, or shared, where others want to help realize the goal.

10. Goals being come up with in a shared environment, then goals must be chosen by consensus only, all must commit to the goal.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guerrilla Strategy- 17

                                          (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2009

How do we make a plan- information, visual confirmation, backups, and the will/drive, to accomplish your goals.

Gathering information, of what is going to be needed, for all aspects of the plan, is a prime necessity, in accomplishing your goals; if you don't have full information, your plan has a major advance on failing.

Information gathering can be from the web, from telephone calls, from actual observation, of the goals activities, on a daily, hourly, weekly, basis. Time must be well spent, in gathering information, to make the plan winnable, workable, and giving to you, or you and your team, etc., what you want from the plan, and what could be additional, but unknown- rewards.

After we gather, the information we need, by wrtten, digital, research, etc., means; the plan has to be shaped, so all contingencies are met, and overridden, by you, or you and your team. The plan must have space, for unknowns, which is seen in every action. You have to have backups, of  backups, so no losses, will be endured by you, or you and your team.

Once, all this is done, you have to have the moxy to carry out your plan, with full action and input, from everyone. Everyone, must be put through training, so they can do their parts, blindfolded, and can work the plan, and their parts, flawlessly.

The final phase- is to actually put the plan in motion, and do it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guerrilla Strategy- # 16

                                              (c) Zoua- Terry Floyd Johnson, 2009

Along with Planning, there has to be excellent: logistics, intelligence, space to transform plan, if new information comes in, while doing operation, back-up, flight corridors, counterresistance, and so on.

Yet, with all of this, you must be ready to make a plan, an action, without doing what you plan, you are wishing. 

The goal of any plan is its completeness. Don't waste your time, if you aren't going to follow through, and actually do your plan. 

Planning means- not overblowing, what you think you can accomplish, with the tools you have. Don't dream unrealisitially, then act on this illusion, with the result, of not winning; the goal is to win, the engagement.

A good plan- is one in which, everyone understands their role in the plan, what the goal is, how to handle things that might go wrong.

Each member of the team, must do their own work, and not worry about others in the team; if they do, they will blow the plan; everyone, must accept their role in the plan.

Remember, to watch your behind, and your flanks, don't allow yourself to be trapped in a situation, you can't get out of.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Guerrilla Strategy- # 15

                                                      Guerrilla Strategy
Issues  (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2009

Another very important aspect of guerrilla strategy is the art of planning. Planning can mean the difference between success and failure. Always have back-up plans; you don't and you increase your chances of being caught or dying, if this is the nature of the fighting, going on.

Do reconnaisance, get everything down, to a timed moment; and know what can go wrong will go wrong, so provide insurance to cover yourself, if you have to escape.

What does planning entail: 1. scope of ops, 2. breakdown of ops into aspects, which can allow each in the op, to know what they are to do, and they can run scenarios, until they get it right; 3. timing, 4. pathway of operation, 5. open discussion, or one team leader, 6. any weak spots, and you have to bring someone else in, or switch places, where the weak spot can't hurt you, 7. run the scenarios, for real, till it is perfect.

Make sure all ends are closed; and if any of the ends open, you are there to close it again.

This above, is for preplanned operations; yet there are those actions, which can't be preplanned, that have to go on the cuff, but even these, you want to cover your butts. How, trust your feelings, go with them, and act without thinking, be true to yourself.

Act in the way that is best for you, and through, being best for you, best for anyone else.